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Can we have a word?




Great copy is everything.


Or rather, it’s where everything comes together. Born of strategy, driven by commercial purpose and inspired by creativity, copy is the ultimate connector between brand and audience.


It fits everywhere, flows into every format, adapts to every medium and flourishes in every context. Copy is capable of leading the audience through a minefield of competitive choices, layering favourable emotion upon rational argument and delivering them, satisfied yet energised, into the arms of your product or service offering.


Copy can also unleash an idea like a pin, pulled from a grenade.


Barrie Seppings is the Founder and Director of The Transfer Desk, a boutique brand consultancy. He is also the Chief Copywriter, has been writing professionally for over 20 years and has written everything up to and including a novel. Let’s assume you’re here because you’d like to see some of that writing for yourself. 


No problem, just hit the download link below and you’ll get The Transfer Desk Copy Sample Pack, a PDF file which contains examples of:

  • Blog Posts & Opinion Pieces

  • Press Ads

  • Online Video Scripts

  • Campaign Narratives

  • Brand Strategies


This selection was curated to give an idea of range, but we understand that it can be hard to accurately gauge quality from supplied samples. How much copy was lifted from original sources? How much influence did the client have? Was this round 2 or 22? We've also not included any smaller tactical pieces (such as the ever-popular landing page/edm/social/blog packages) as they are so brief-dependant.


We’re confident we can produce those as well and are more than happy to draft a response to one of your briefs (either live or historic) to give you a clearer idea of our abilities measured against your specific requirements..


Obviously, the work included in this pack remains commercial in confidence. By clicking on the link, you agree the contents of The Transfer Desk Copy Sample Pack will not leave your possession, for any reason. 

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