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Rock  da  house  with

Izzy  Rascal

The  Teenage  DJ

 Mobile Party DJ for 10 to 17 y.o. ragers 

Complete with Pioneer & JBL + YAMAHA sound & light system

We fit into house parties, backyards, surf clubs & halls - we even rock boats! 

Perfect for Birthdays, Graduations, Fancy Dress, End of Term and Sports Team Celebrations.

2, 3 and 4 hour Packages available, with hourly options: if you keep dancing, we’ll keep spinning.

We handle themes & requests and can keep it age-appropriate.

Northern Beaches and surrounding areas.

Booking enquiries:

That sounds like a cool party.We'll get a quote to you right after we sweep up all the glitter from our last party.



My name is Izzy Raj-Seppings,

But you can call me DJ Izzy Rascal.

I'm a passionate 17-year-old student from Sydney, Australia.
I'm currently navigating my final year of high school and focusing on my career in the film and entertainment industry.

I like to relax behind 15inch speakers, clouds of smoke and strobing disco lights.
Me and my dad started DJing as a side hobby/a way to spice up my mums 50th birthday party and have since then fallen in love with it.
I now have a local residency at Wings X Tins every Thursday night and have been playing at parties, work functions and more.

It's opened my eyes (and ears) to an entirely new world, I can't listen to my playlist on the way to school without pausing and rewinding songs 10 times to see if they would transition well.

DJing has also been such a gift because I get to do it with my dad, we learn together, constantly push each other and get to share our music with each other.

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